China Aluminum Cavity

China Aluminum Cavity

Cavity, which describes an object that is hermetically sealed off from the outside and hollow on the inside, also used to describe the top and bottom of a molded plastic package.
The aluminum cavity is a kind of forming billet with a certain strength that uses aluminum metal powder as raw material, and uses pressure to fill the alloy mixed powder into the mold cavity to form a billet with a certain strength, and then sinters at high temperature to alloy the alloy elements. The post-processing and other means to obtain the required parts and components of the processing process.

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The complexity of the cavity lies in what the material is used for. It is also determined according to the accessories that can be compatible with it. As for the mechanical strength involved, there are also considerations in this regard. It is nothing more than an increase in the material wall thickness and an extra side of the reinforcing rib.

The formation of shrinkage cavities is due to the destruction of the directional sequential solidification of the aluminum alloy liquid, and the solid phase surrounds a small part of the liquid phase, so that the surrounding area cannot get enough aluminum to supplement the alloy liquid.

Aluminum also has an extremely low thermal emissivity. Excellent thermal properties such as these make aluminum an excellent vacuum material. The surface properties of aluminium allow the aluminium vacuum chamber to be fully baked at 150oC.

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