What is a heat sinks

What is a heat sinks

The heat sinks is a device that dissipates heat for the heat-prone electronic components in the electrical appliance. It is mostly made of aluminum alloy, brass or bronze into plate, sheet, multi-sheet, etc. The heat sink of the TV, the power tube in the TV, the line tube, and the power amplifier tube in the power amplifier must use the heat sink. Generally, the heat sink should be coated with a layer of thermal grease on the contact surface between the electronic component and the heat sink during use, so that the heat emitted by the component can be more effectively conducted to the heat sink, and then dissipated into the surrounding air through the heat sink.

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Regis Heat sink Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of heat dissipation processing. Regis's products and services include various heat sinks, structural parts, heat dissipation analysis and heat dissipation scheme design. Our products are widely used in telecommunications, aerospace, automotive, industrial control, power electronics, medical equipment, security electronics, LED lighting and multimedia/consumer fields.

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Why do you need a heat sink

Any device has a certain loss during operation, and most of the loss becomes heat. Low power devices have low loss and no heat sink. However, high-power devices have large losses. If heat dissipation measures are not taken, the temperature of the die can reach or exceed the allowable junction temperature, and the device will be damaged. Therefore, a cooling device must be added. The most commonly used is to install the power device on the radiator, use the radiator to dissipate the heat to the surrounding space, and add a cooling fan if necessary to enhance cooling and heat dissipation at a certain wind speed. On the power devices of some large-scale equipment, a flowing cold water cooling plate is also used, which has a better heat dissipation effect.

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A heat sink is a device that absorbs heat generated by an electronic component or chip. Among different types of heat sinks, two-phase forced convection cooling of high heat flux/high power electronics is one of the most effective thermal management methods.

Active radiators utilize forced air to increase fluid flow through the hot zone. Forced air is most often created by the movement of fans, blowers or even whole objects - for example the engine of a motorcycle is cooled by air from fins designed into the engine.

Radiators are divided into different categories according to different criteria. There are two main types of radiators, active radiators and passive radiators.

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