What is a liquid cold plate

What is a liquid cold plate

Liquid-cooled cold plates are typically used in high heat flux or high power electronics cooling applications. The cold plate is responsible for absorbing heat from the equipment and transferring it into a single-phase liquid coolant, which circulates through the internal channels of the plate, and then discharges it to a downstream heat sink.

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Liquid cold plates are responsible for transferring heat from surfaces with high thermal loads to the fluids used in liquid cooling systems. The performance of these components is critical to the overall effectiveness of the liquid system.

Cold plates are usually made of metal with flow paths machined in them for the heat transfer fluid to flow through. As the plates absorb electrical waste heat, they use liquid cooling to dissipate it through the flow path.

Cold plates provide local cooling by transferring heat from the equipment to a liquid that flows to a remote heat exchanger and dissipates into the environment or another liquid in a secondary cooling system.

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