Water Cool Plate Manufacturers

Water Cool Plate Manufacturers

A water block, also known as a liquid cold plate, is the most efficient way to dissipate heat. They are typically 4-5 times more efficient than standard air-cooled radiators and fans. The principle is simple: you provide a source of cooling liquid (usually water, or glycol/water, or fluorine inert) to the inlet of the water block. The liquid travels back and forth in the various chambers of the water block, absorbing heat from the TEC or power electronics. Then, the hotter liquid leaves the water block.

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Regis Heat sink Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of heat dissipation processing. Regis's products and services include various heat sinks, structural parts, heat dissipation analysis and heat dissipation scheme design. Our products are widely used in telecommunications, aerospace, automotive, industrial control, power electronics, medical equipment, security electronics, LED lighting and multimedia/consumer fields.

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Source of water cooling plate liquid

  • Cooler Liquid, a pre-cooled liquid from a recirculating cooler (usually alcohol, water/glycol, oil, or a dielectric fluid such as a fluorinated agent) is passed through the water block and returned to the cooler for recooling. This is a closed loop system.
  • The radiator is closed loop, and the liquid enters the water block as it approaches the ambient air temperature. The exiting warm liquid then enters a fan-cooled radiator of sufficient size to cool the liquid back to ambient air temperature. The liquid is then sent back through the water block, which is a closed loop system.
  • Construction (tap) water, which is generally cooler than the ambient air. Warmer outlet water can be sent to a drain or reused in a number of ways.
  • Well water, lake or stream water, which usually requires pre-filtration but can be much cooler than ambient air, especially during winter. The leaving water can be returned to the source or reused. This is a particularly useful method for off-grid locations.
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Water-cooled plates provide local cooling by transferring heat from the equipment to a liquid that flows to a remote heat exchanger and dissipates into the environment or another liquid in a secondary cooling system.

Water cooling, also known as liquid cooling, is a method used to reduce the temperature of a computer's processor unit (CPU), and sometimes graphics processor unit (GPU). This process uses water as the cooling medium instead of air because water conducts heat about 30 times faster than air.

Cold Plates Connect these plates to process coolers and cold liquid lines in liquid to gas cooling systems to cool equipment by direct contact. All products have a U-shaped tube that goes through a thermally conductive aluminum plate. Drill holes or tap the plate to install.

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