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finned heat sink

finned heat sink

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finned heat sink

Ⅰ、Introduction to Finned heat sink

Finned heat sink carry heat away from electronic components by convection and use straight fins that run the entire length to maximize the surface area of the heat sink. Fins with a larger area can have more contact with the air, so more energy can be taken away with the same temperature difference during the gas flow. There are many variants of finned heat sinks, which are divided into: straight tooth heat sinks, corrugated heat sinks, Zipfin heat sink , folded fin heat sink , bonded fin heat sink , spade fin heat sinks, and round fin heat sink, cast special-shaped fin heat sink, sunflower fin heat sink.

Finned heat sinks have 10 individual physical parameters that can be changed in any design: Fin Thickness, Fin Height, Fin Length, Fin Shape, Fin Spacing, Base Length, Base Width and Base Plate Thickness, Airflow Orientation, direction of gravity, etc. In order to choose a suitable heat sink, it is necessary to know the maximum allowable heat sink thermal resistance of the electronic components that need to be dissipated. By knowing the case temperature, power dissipation and thermal resistance at the interface of the module to the heat sink, we can determine the maximum allowable temperature of the surface where the heat sink connects. Then, the approximate range of the heat sink is estimated through the heat transfer formula, and the precise thermal resistance is calculated through professional thermal simulation software FLOTHERM, FLOEFD, ICEPAK, etc. This can greatly shorten the project development time and save the failure of R&D costs.
Finned heat sinks can be manufactured in various ways, such as machining, extrusion, casting, stamping, folding or turning. Fin heat sinks are also used for the exterior of mechanical enclosures and enclosures, Regis is a professional designer and manufacturer of fin heat sinks, we can provide a one-stop service for the design and manufacture of fin heat sinks, avoid design and manufacture Disconnect between processes. We recognize the industry's need for shorter lead times, so we focus on prompt and professional service.

Ⅱ、Finned heat sink Classification

1) Straight tooth heat sink

2)serrated finned heat sink

3) Zipfin Heatsink

4) Folded fin heat sink


5)bonded fin heat sink

6) skived fin heat sink

7) Round fin heat sink


8) Die-cast special-shaped fin heat sink


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