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heat sink inverter

What is an inverter?

The inverter is a converter that converts DC power (storage battery) into AC power (usually 100-240V, 50-60Hz sine wave) with constant frequency and constant voltage or frequency modulation and voltage regulation. It consists of inverter bridge, control logic and filter circuit. Widely used in household appliances, lighting, electric vehicles, photovoltaic power generation, wind power generation and other industries.

The effect of heat sink on inverter

Due to the enthusiastic pursuit of high power, high reliability and miniaturization of equipment. The power density of high-power inverters has been continuously improved. High power density will sharply increase the heat loss of the equipment, and the resulting high temperature will lead to the failure of some electronic components of the inverter, which will lead to the failure of the entire inverter. Therefore, whether an inverter is highly reliable, efficient and stable, the heat dissipation design plays an important role in it.

The traditional thermal design first finds out the maximum allowable thermal resistance of electronic components through the manual, and then estimates the required inverter heat sink volume and heat dissipation area according to the thermal resistance. Then manufacture the radiator sample,install the radiator on the inverter prototype,Finally, according to the maximum thermal resistance allowed in the manual, judge whether the junction temperature of the tested inverter components is within the allowable range. If the requirements are not met, the process of modification, redesign and re-inspection must be repeated, which is a waste of time and raw materials. Obviously, this traditional thermal design method can no longer meet the needs of modern production. In order to reduce the development cost, shorten the development cycle, and improve the success rate and performance of the product, the heat dissipation simulation technology is more and more widely used in the heat dissipation simulation analysis process of electronic equipment. With the help of thermal simulation, the actual working conditions of the inverter are simulated, and the design of the inverter radiator is optimized. Regis can reduce development costs and shorten the development cycle of high-performance, high-reliability high-power inverter heat sinks.

Services and Capabilities

Regis is a designer and manufacturer of inverter heatsinks, we can provide a one-stop service for inverter heat sink design and manufacture, avoiding the problem of decoupling between design and manufacturing process. We recognize the industry's need for short lead times, so we focus on prompt and professional service. Our factory uses the most widely used AL6063 alloy to manufacture high-quality inverter heat sinks, as it can be extruded into complex shapes and suitable for a variety of finishes. T5/T6 tempering provides sufficient hardness. We have a strong reputation in the manufacturing industry as a trusted manufacturer of aluminum profiles and their products.

We provide the best inverter cooling solutions to all inverter customers around the world. According to the inverter power from small to large, we provide four major solutions from aluminum inverter heat sink shell, aluminum profile inverter heat sink, inverter heat pipe heat sink and inverter liquid cooling heatsinks. We are a professional aluminum inverter heat sink manufacturer, welcome to check the quality, size and other reliability tests! Our company is located in Dongguan City, China, and can provide various surface treatments, anodizing, sandblasting, oil spraying, powder spraying, wire drawing polishing, electroplating, paint baking, silk screen printing.

                            Aluminum Inverter heatsinks Housing

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