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Today, electricity is everywhere in our lives, and it can be called the blood of modern life. Electricity provides a lot of convenience for life, a lot of production equipment can not be opened without electricity, after the instrument is energized, the power needs to be converted into the kinetic energy of the instrument, the instrument can start to work. The instrument will be converted to electricity without the motor of this product, that is, the motor. Motor in operation will generate a lot of heat, so the motor needs to be installed inside the heat sink for heat dissipation. Generally speaking, the heat dissipation of the motor is divided into water-cooled heat sink and air-cooled heat sink.
. air-cooled heat sink
     Air-cooled heat dissipation is often used in open motors, generally the external air enters directly into the motor for cooling, and the external air takes away the motor heat directly and discharges it into the surrounding environment; air-cooled motors do not need heat dissipation waterways, so air-cooled motors are less demanding in terms of production and technology, and the cost is relatively low. Because the air is used to dissipate heat, the air-cooled motor is relatively large in size in order to obtain the necessary cooling effect; at the same time, the air-cooled motor also adopts the natural cooling method of metal material to dissipate heat, and the motor casing will adopt the extruded or die-cast one-piece metal casing, and then design some cooling leaf teeth on the surface of the casing to increase the surface area of heat dissipation. The extrusion or die-casting process belongs to the embryo processing, processing precision is not enough, but the inner cavity of the shell and then after turning or CNC machining, you can achieve the assembly precision required by the product.
                                                                                        Engine heat sink housing
. water-cooled heat sink
     The structure of water-cooled motor is complicated, there are cooling runners on the motor shell, and it needs to add more strict protection measures, so the cost of liquid-cooled motor cooling will be much higher; now most new energy sources use liquid-cooled solutions, liquid cooling is small and has good heat dissipation effect; the core task of motor water-cooled structure design is motor heat dissipation calculation, so that the motor loss heat and cooling medium to take away the heat to reach a balance, so that the temperature rise of the motor is within the allowable range. Liquid cooling is now the mainstream process of the market generally uses friction stir welding process production; liquid cooling plate need to use CNC processing flow channel, and then according to the flow channel structure processing cover; at the same time calculate the appropriate processing tolerance, to ensure that the cover and process fit, after assembly through professional equipment to do friction stir welding, welding after processing, the surface will not have any sand eyes, welding seams and After welding, the surface will not have any sand holes, weld seams and weld marks, and only after the leak test and air tightness test is OK, the whole product processing will be completed.
     This is what we know about motor heat sinks.

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