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pin fin heat sink

Cold forged pin fin heat sink

Product Details

pin fin heat sink

Ⅰ) What is a pin fin heat sink? Processing technology of pin fin heat sink.

The pin fin heat sink refers to a heat sink in which the heat dissipation teeth are needle-shaped or elongated cylindrical. Generally, it is formed by cold forging on a large forging machine.
Cold forging refers to putting the material into the forming die at room temperature, and extruding the material into the desired shape through the huge pressure of the forging machine. Cold forging technology has very high forming accuracy and has its unique advantages in the field of precision forming. Cold forged heatsinks require only simple CNC machining of mounting surfaces and tapped holes. Regis Heat Sink is a professional pin fin heat sink design and manufacturer, which can customize thermal design and structural design for you free of charge. We have 8 forging machines of 500-5000 tons, and can provide pin-tooth heat sinks with a maximum diameter of 400MM.

Ⅱ) Advantages of pin fin heat sink

1) Light weight, the height of the blade teeth can reach more than 50mm, and the maximum heat dissipation area can be obtained within the same volume
2) The pin fin heat sink is cold forged from pure aluminum AL1070 and pure copper C1100, and its thermal conductivity is much higher than other aluminum alloys such as 6063 and 6061, which are commonly used materials for extrusion process heat sinks. Compared with the extrusion process heat sink, the thermal resistance of the pin-fin heat sink from the base to the top of the fin is very small.
3) Air can flow in any direction of the pin fin heat sink, and the flow resistance is very small. The air flow between the pin fins is turbulent, and the convection heat transfer effect is very good.
4) The equipment used in the cold forging process is a forging press with a capacity of more than 500 tons. The high pressure ensures that there will be no air bubbles, pores or other impurities in the material, so as to produce a high-quality heat sink.
5) The cost of mass production is low, and it is easy to obtain good dimensional accuracy and surface finish by forging, and it can be used with simple follow-up processing.

Ⅲ) Services and capabilities of Regis Heat Sink

1) Quality Control

A> 100% on-line thermal test, Regis Heat Sink can provide 100% thermal resistance test according to the parameters required by the customer to ensure 100% reliability of the product.

B>Product structure inspection: The mechanical dimensions of the pin-fin heat sink are inspected through height gauges, CMM, thread gauges and other equipment to ensure that they meet customer requirements.

2) The ability of Regis Heat Sink

place of origin Dongguan, China (Mainland) Original Equipment Manufacturer: Yes
process: cold forging Package: carton with wooden pallet
Material: AL1070C1100 shape: customize
application: LED lighting, industrial computers,
medical equipment, energy storage
tolerance 0.01MM
model: RHP-00878 Thermal resistance 0.04-0.2 K/W
Finish: Anodizing, Antioxidation, Painting, Electroplating Quality Control: 100% thermal test
Additional process:  CNC machining size: custom size


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