Natural Convection heatsinks Customization Service

Natural Convection heatsinks Customization Service

• China custom heatsinks manufacturer-Regis Heat Sink

Regis Heat Sink is a professional manufacturer of customized heatsinkss in the field of cooling systems. This provides customers with an overall thermal solution for selecting suitable heatsinkss and cooling equipment. In particular, shovel-tooth heatsinkss, aluminum extrusion heatsinkss, welded heatsinkss, heat pipe heatsinkss and liquid cooling plate solutions can provide great support. Provide the most effective and cost-effective heat dissipation solution for the structural design of the product, solve the heat dissipation risk of customers' products, provide optimized noise reduction solutions, reduce heat dissipation costs, and reduce product weight. Regis Heat Sink's product range includes various heat dissipation Chip, liquid cooling system to various structural parts. Our products are widely used in heat dissipation solutions for products in industries such as telecommunications, industrial automation, power & transmission, medical equipment, new energy transportation, and instrumentation and testing equipment.

• Natural cooling technology

Natural cooling is one of the most commonly used heat dissipation methods. Natural cooling is a cooling method that uses the high thermal conductivity of materials (mainly refers to profiles) to take away heat and dissipate the heat into the air through radiation and natural convection of air. . That is, when there is no specific wind speed requirement, the natural convection heat sink is a copper-aluminum heat sink, a heat sink aluminum extrusion, a heat sink machining or a heat sink alloy casting to realize the heat dissipation of the product. Natural convection heat dissipation is the simplest structure and the most reliable of all heat dissipation forms
Regis Heat Sink focuses on high-power heat dissipation. In recent years, it has made breakthroughs in the research and development of natural cooling technology, such as: independently developed high-density shoveling gear technology to achieve ultra-thin gears, ultra-fine pitch, and ultra-high multiple heatsinks main body The production of the structure can fully replace the heat dissipation technology of the inserts, and has the advantages of larger heat dissipation area, one-time molding, 100% profile thermal conductivity, and higher heat dissipation performance; in the process innovation of profile heat sinks, the most advanced friction welding welding technology is adopted , To solve the technical bottleneck that the profile cannot meet the needs of ultra-wide body heat dissipation, and successfully achieve breakthroughs in greater heat dissipation power and greater heat dissipation structure; and so on.
Technological innovation is the cornerstone of Regis Heat Sink's rapid development. Through in-depth research on natural cooling technology, it has achieved higher heat dissipation efficiency, while using new technology to provide customers with better optimized heat dissipation solutions, which has won praise from many industry customers.


Regis Heat Sink can provide a variety of natural cooling and heat dissipation technology process options:

Profile technology heat dissipation: aluminum profile heatsinks, aluminum alloy heatsinks, copper-aluminum composite heatsinks
Profile splicing heat dissipation: friction welding heatsinks, stacked heatsinks, insert heatsinks
Spade-tooth technology for heat dissipation: aluminum spade-tooth heatsinks, copper spade-tooth heatsinks
Forging technology heat dissipation: cold forging special-shaped heatsinks, sun flower heatsinks
Machining technology for heat dissipation: CNC milling heatsinks, turning aluminum heatsinks, turning copper heatsinks
Die-casting technology for heat dissipation: die-casting heatsinks, gravity-casting heatsinks

Regis Heat Sink can provide a variety of forced cooling and heat dissipation technology process options

• heatsinks research and development capabilities and advantages

Regis Heat Sink provides industry-leading customized heatsinks services
And thermal solutions, with more than 15 years of thermal design and construction
Experience, our experienced designers can customize the concept to
Meet your specific needs.
Regis Heat Sink engineers use the latest CFD thermal analysis tools
With (Ansys icepsk, flotherm, floEFD) to be accurate
Simulate the thermal behavior of a specific device, circuit board, or chassis. Design and
Manufacturing team utilizes the latest 3D CAD design tools
(Such as Solidwords, ProE, UG and AutoCAD)
Design the thermal solution accurately and truthfully and ensure that it is in the customer’s application
Applicability and functionality in the application
Regis Heat Sink provides free thermal analysis, simulation, sample testing and thermal solutions. Our prototyping process:

Customers provide demand

1. Customers provide demand

If you don’t have a drawing, we can provide you with a customized heatsinks design. Our engineers need the following information:
Custom heatsinks size: length, width and height (mm)
The size of the heat source and the position of the heat source on the mounting surface of the heatsinks
Ambient temperature, the maximum temperature allowed by the chip
Estimated annual usage and budget


Thermal problem test and simulation calculation

2. Thermal problem test and simulation calculation

After the customer provides the required information, our engineers use the software to carry out structural design and thermal problem testing and simulation calculations as follows
Thermal fluid analysis software: Ansys icepak, flotherm, floatd
Structural design software: Solidwords, ProE, UG and AutoCAD Structural analysis software: Ansys


Rapid prototyping and testing

3. Rapid prototyping and testing

We can do rapid prototyping for your tests and check 100% quality, reliability and thermal performance. Make sure that the product meets your requirements. Usually we ship to you by express, such as TNT, DHL, UPS, Fedex, etc. Then wait for your confirmation sample.
Usually takes 7-15 days


Mass production, the steps are as follows

4. Mass production, the steps are as follows:

1) Customized heatsinks design and sample confirmation
2) Make mass production process data and control it
3) Most heatsinkss need to make extrusion dies or stamping dies. It may take 15 days
4) Purchase heat dissipation materials and cooling components,
5) Production according to process (such as extrusion, CNC machining, stamping, scraping, welding, surface treatment, etc.)
6) Final inspection and packaging
Mass production usually takes 25-35 days.


Delivery method sea, train or air

5. Delivery method: sea, train or air

After mass production is completed, we start to arrange shipments, either by sea, train or air. Delivery time depends on which country and shipping method you are from